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Registrations & automated processes

A fun and informative website, but also one were teachers and educators can register a visit. After registration, our website makes managing the subsidies and the tracking of visits a lot easier for our client.

Register a visit

In search of a dairy farm

Most of us learn about farm life at a young age, and preferably on location. Most of us probably have fond memories about it. With Melk4kids teachers and educators can register a visit to a dairy farm. Because it's possible to receive subsidies for this, our website is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure all parties fill in the right information and our client is able to manage and track everything with ease.

Automated tracking

By using emails and forms

Our website keeps track of all visits and sends two emails the day after each visit. One email is sent to the farmer to confirm that the visit actually took place. With two buttons in the email they can do this in a single click.

On the other side an email gets sent to the contact who registered the visit. They evaluate the visit and the farmer and they leave behind their information required for the subsidies. This way our client gets a nice overview of all payment information for the subsidies and the dairy farmers receive a handy list of all evaluations, so they can improve the tours that they give.

Other projects

Great websites, branding and print

Go through a few of our other projects. That way you can get an idea about what we're up to and a feel for our style. Convinced? Contact us!