Projects // Octinion

An incredibly dynamic site

One of our biggest projects yet, with endless possibilities for our client to build their different pages. They have an arsenal of 19 different blocks to create them. Visit their website.

Dynamic Blocks

From contact forms to galleries

With in total 19 different building blocks Octinion has an option for every situation. There are blocks for copy and images, each entirely customisable. Links to other pages (like related cases, products, ...) are possible in a number of ways.

We also built an extensive system for downloadable files. Octinion can choose, for each file, if a user has to register or login before they can download the file. Like this, our website can automatically generate leads for Octinion.

Mobile & Tablet

"Mobile first" as the key to success

With complex structures where the user has to find his way through multiple menus, it was incredibly important that small screens were taken into account. On an extensive product page an extra menu was added so the users could easily navigate through the long page.

Other projects

Great websites, branding and print

Go through a few of our other projects. That way you can get an idea about what we're up to and a feel for our style. Convinced? Contact us!